Saturday, March 08, 2008

Why I love Goals

I'm always excited to meet new writers. The sharing and encouragement that takes place during those times is invaluable--not only to my spirit but to how I can be a better writer.

Next week, several women writers from my area hope to meet for tea and discuss our writing goals. I've listed a few of my own that have made all the difference.

#1 Set goals. If I didn't have a weekly goal for what I wanted to accomplish with my writing--I doubt I would have anything published.
#2 Submit . . . submit some more. I keep a running log of who - what - and where I send. Regularly.
#3 Turn rejections into acceptances. I mourn my rejections for about two hours. Then I commit to finding that piece a new home within a few days. If that means a rewrite or a different market - that's my next priority.
#4 Look back. Occasionally, I look up some of my first stories. Groan - I know - they might really stink but it always encourages me when I see what I've learned. But it that same breath, it makes me realize how much still I have to learn!
#5 Read the writers journals - I always order The Writer and Writer's Digest. I would never stop ordering them. I read them cover to cover and try to take away one new lesson.

Next time - I'll add a few more of my personal goals but I have another goal I try to accomplish each day too - spend time with my family!

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Lynda Schab said...

These are awesome goals, Terri! I also love to meet with other area writers. There are a bunch of FW's from Michigan and we've met once so far and hope to make it a monthly thing. We writers need so much encouragement, don't we? :-) Looking forward to hearing more of your goals.