Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Never Give Up

I woke this morning to my third email about a book that wasn't going to be published after all. I knew this information last fall. I knew it again this winter and now I know it again. Sometimes rejections can bring up old feelings of rejections - that maybe your work wasn't good enough for anywhere. Your day can be ruined.

# 6 Writing Goal- I try not to allow unforseeable changes and rejections to waste a perfectly good day of writing. I read somewhere that a famous writer once wrote a story a week for a year so that he could get all the kinks out of his writing before tackling a book. I did that with Faithwriters and am pleased I did. The feedback I received during that process helped me accept the feedback I get now from editors and publishers.

Staying thick-skinned is one thing--not falling apart when the mail brings gloom and doom is another. Don't let it make you give up!

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