Wednesday, April 30, 2008

A Miracle in the Making

Sometimes doing what we hate most becomes what we enjoy doing the most. Note I said sometimes. I performed the duty of Table Topics Master last night for my Toastmasters club. What that means is I gather some information on an agreed upon topic then tack some impromptu questions with it for the members to answer.

What I noted most was I could actually breathe when all I had to do was read something I pulled from the Internet. Not bad. I actually glanced around the room a few times like I did this all the time. A pro. Okay, not a pro, but someone who is learning a new skill. Just like I always am with writing.

I cring with horror when I go back and read something I wrote a year ago--no--a month ago! And I call myself a writer? But I read the magazines, the writers' blogs, and accept my rejections with the grain of salt. After all, writing takes practice and more practice. Just like learning to give a relaxed speech. But I'm getting there.

I'm working on a speech for next week entitled "Do You you Believe in Miracles?" I do, and I don't have to look at the picture of my new grandson to remind me. I've been the recipient of quite a few in my lifetime--but that's another story.


Terra Hangen said...

Hi Terri,
Thanks for the comment you left on my blog today, about the Meghan Rose books. I had to come on over and say hi to you. I admire you for your Toastmaster skills, and the speech sounds intriguing.

Amy Wyatt said...

Hey Terri,
So glad you stopped by my blog and commented. The snakes are not welcome in my home either:) Sounds like we have a few things in common. I also was a psychology major. I lived in Florida a while when I was in middle school. I remember alligators ruling the yard... or ponds/lakes down the street. We couldn't have a dog because everyone's dogs kept disappearing. I don't know which is worse... alligators or snakes.
Congrats on your book coming out this summer. A lot of hard work I'm sure but it has paid off. I am desperately trying to get something published. I am a speaker first, but CLASS tells you that if you want to speak you have to write and vice versa. I guess from your posts the speaking is coming a little harder but sounds like you are doing great! I haven't joined Toastmasters but think I would like to. If you read my story on my blog about "Why Signs, Miracles and Wonders" you might also have some material for your Miracles speech. It's one of my favorite topics that I speak on all the time :-) Hope we can become bloggy/writer friends.
Have a great day. I hope you come back to visit again. Sorry about the long comment.