Thursday, April 24, 2008

Speech 101

I coveted that blue ribbon. I didn't care if I learned how to be a better speaker--I just wanted that ribbon.

My husband reminded me it is not about the grade. It is way more important to learn how to get up in front of a room full of strangers and share with them something they want to hear.

When we arrived at Toastmasters, the woman in charge told me five people had planned to speak but no one could come except me.

Okay--so don't tell anyone. I was the first, middle and last speaker which means I got the blue ribbon no matter how badly I did.

But, to be quite frank, I did give a speech, and I did breathe all the way through it. I only blanked out one time and frantically searched my notes only to discover I couldn't read my handwriting.

Lesson learned---- TYPE your cheat sheet.

I'm working on another one for two weeks from now. This time I want to get through it without a lapse in memory.

So I want to know more tips on speaking. Does anyone want to offer up their worst and best speech experience?

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