Monday, April 14, 2008


Another day for a few rejections--but that's okay. A writer can't be expected to get into every publication out there. But, as I wrote before, I tried and that is what counts. I have my own style of writing and it is a perfect fit for some places and not so for others. Finding out where it works can be the challenge. That's why I love online submissions. They tend to be quick and easy and places generally reply soon.

Along with these submissions, I entered a few contests this month. One cost $15 and the others were free. Again--if you don't enter--you don't win. But I have a limit each year of how much I will spend on them. In past years, I entered the Writer's Digest contest and placed #88 the first time. Not bad, but I didn't place in the top 100 the next year. Still toying with the idea to enter this year but I did do the Guidepost contest. Hey--it is free and if you win--you get a free trip and training!

I don't hold my breath on any of the entries I send in--but it is fun to do and easy. Who knows? One of these days it just might pay off. Nothing ventured--nothing gained.

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