Saturday, April 19, 2008

Montrose Christian Writers Conference July20-25

This week I received my brochure for the Montrose Writers Conference in Montrose PA. I plan to hopefully get there this year. I tried last year, but instead we took a trip north for my husband's class reunion.

I recognized a few faces who are teaching this year. It will be fun also to meet some new faces as well. But I attended a few years back and made some good writer friends who I still keep in touch with now and who have been great supports.

For me, conferences let writers connect and share and network. I don't think one gets as much out of them if you are on the shy side. At lunch, people meet and greet and share information about where to submit and how to get marketed.

I'm hoping to attend more conferences as time allows but I think this one will always be close to my heart.

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