Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A little update

I wanted to post some updates. First, I found out yesterday that the Women of Passions book is now available for ordering! Click on the picture to the right of this page to find more information. I'm looking forward to seeing it displayed at the booth when I go to the ICRS in July in Orlando.

I'm really excited about going to the show. I haven't been in years. A good friend of mine is flying down to attend as well. She's a writer as well as a store owner. I know I will enjoy a week of fellowship and refreshment.

I was also asked to be a ghostwriter for some missionaries in another book. Although I've never before ghostwritten, I think it will be an honor to meet more people who are serving full time on the mission field.

As to my Christian Writers Group, the first meeting is June 30th. On Sunday, I met a woman in my SS class who is a writer and wants to attend. I'm praying God brings in many others who have the desire to write for the Lord.

My book -- I'm waiting for the first round of edits to begin. The whole process is longer than I might have thought but I'm learning as I go! I know the day will come when I finally hold it in my hand.

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