Friday, June 27, 2008


The notice I wrote for the Writers Group made it in the Sentinel paper this am! Now I only hope some writers out there have a second cup of coffee while reading the paper and see it. Thank you for your prayers everyone. I know many of you are praying for this group and I hope you will continue to as we try to gather some writers to encourage and help each of us with our desire to write for the Lord.

No contest news yet--but then no news is no news. I will post my results either way.

I have been getting reading for the ICRS--learning about the writers I will be interviewing and preparing my notes. Okay--I am getting a little nervous, after all, I am interviewing some of my all time favorites!

I also booked my ticket to the Montrose Writers Conference to be held in July! I can't wait to meet old friends and make some new ones. Kathy Ide, who taught the editing course I took this year, will be teaching a class and I look forward to taking it.


Leaders In Learning said...

Great News! Maybe you'll have a larger turnout. When I advertized that the for a special speaker for my former writer's group, there was a surprising turn-out. As far as your upcoming meeting goes, I passed the word on to another writing group in which I used to hold membership. There are many Christians in the group. Perhaps you'll get some folks from there and some of their contacts. I may, possibly, be able to make it to the meeting myself. We'll see. I am trying out a childcare option, but I am unsure of whether or not the kids will be okay with it. I took them there today to visit since they might need to spend time there occasionally this summer when I take turns taking them to medical appointments. I'm praying. I really need to get focused on my writing and surround myself with those who are interested in a mutual spurring on of each other to the goal. BeckyJoie

Leaders In Learning said...

Good grief, I need an editor! LOL