Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Prayer Request

So I opened the Pennysaver today and couldn't find the ad for the Writers Group--the group that meets Monday at the library! My first thought--oh no--I'm way out of my box on this and now no one will know about it! You know how thise panicked, fevered thoughts begin to settle around your brain . . .like . . . why on earth did I ever decide to do this anyways? I never liked planning parties for this exact reason. Whose idea was this anyways?

So I have a few days to worry but instead I plan to pray. If you happen to be reading this post, please pray that a wonderful outpouring of Christian writers show up who are serious and dedicated about writing for the Lord. Pray that God will bring in new and seasoned writers who will encourage others in this undertaking. Pray that He will do an unbelievable thing that day!


karenrenoknapp said...


I so identify. I always hated planning parties too! but I will be praying for you about this.

Leaders in Learning said...

Will do. There are alot of Christian writers in the area. I'll put the word out to the ones who used to attend the group I used to run. Word of mouth is often a good tool.