Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Edits, classes and dreams

The second day of a conference is so much easier. We have our established routines, places to sit and a few new friends to say hi as we pass the bathroom.

The highlight of my day was my meeting with the editor. She confirmed many of my suspicions about where to cut and some layout issues. Definitely got my fifteen minutes worth of time. Now I'm wishing I'd brought my manuscript so I can tear into it. But that will have to wait for a few more days.

Ahh-- the contacts you make, the friends you find, and the dreams you revive. I'm already planning to go to my next conference in Fla next year. But A conference also encourages and reminds me to get my project done with as much perfection as I can master.

So, okay, there's my update and my eyes are barely staying open as I write this. 6:30 comes waaay too early for this girl who likes to sleep in. I hear my own bed calling me but for now, I'll flip on that fan and dream about my air conditioning.

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Anonymous said...

A great blog! this is the beginning of the rest of a hopeful writing year. You've already had a great one and your posts are encouraging!