Monday, July 21, 2008

First Day

Imagine snake-like roads, hairpin curves, one-lane bridges and mink crossings. That's my morning commute as I make my way over the back roads to Montrose for the Writers Conference this week. We rented a small Dodge that sounds like it would prefer to be motoring a racetrack than these roads. As I go up and down each hill, it gently reminds me.

I checked in on Sunday--got my badge and folder and prepared my list of classes. This morning, I arrived abit later than expected as my alarm rang an hour too early. (Thanks MIL:) Anyways, I found some old friends and settled in for my class on writing a non-fiction book. Each day, we attend a morning class, then pick and choose a few different ones in the afternoon.

Already, I have learned it is wise to not write about an event that you don't have at least five years span of distance from it -- if it is a critical moment in your life. I also took a course in dialogue and found that much of what I've already learned was correct. (Always a relief)

I found Kathy Ide, the editor I took my January course from, and she convinced me to sign up for a fifteen minute critique with her tomorrow. Got it all printed out-- and also ironed up my thick skin. I know I will need it for sure but I value her opinion.

Found out the publisher I want to meet with is only going to be there one day-- Thursday-- the day I planned to skip. Maybe Kathy will think my suspense story is so bad, I won't need to schedule a time with him! Either way, I'm letting God set the path before me and I'm just trying to do the work it needs.

But that's it for now. Enjoying a beautiful evening in the mountains of PA!

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