Monday, July 28, 2008

Montrose Writers Conference

We had our second writers group here in town today. I noticed the same thing I noticed while in Montrose. Most writers aren't connected online.

Most writers don't network either. With today's need for self-marketing, networking is one of the best way to go. When I walked into the conference, I looked for the smiley faces-- the sticker that labeled the first time conference attendees. Then I introduced myself. I had my other friends there from two years before but I wanted to also meet some new people to listen to their own writing experience.

Three ladies I spoke with didn't have a blog. The conference held a class on it and I know at least one of the women changed her mind and decided to attend.

Someone today asked if it was necessary to go to a Writers Conference. No, it isn't necessary but it is beneficial to your growth as a writer. We write alone but when it comes to taking that manuscript and finding out how to get it on a publisher's desk, a conference can be invaluable.

So I made some new friends and I attended the classes. The morning class I attended was called Writing a Non Fiction book (using moments from our lives). The speaker asked some questions. "If you could write a book about one thing --what would it be? What qualifies you to write it? Who needs this book?How will you reach them?"

She spoke on a lot of subjects but what I walked away with after three mornings of listening was this: Wait five years before you write about a trauma in your life. So I shoved one of my book ideas to the back shelf in my brain. I moved another forward. Once we recover from a major incident, we can write about it.

The speaker also suggested we think of a verse or a phrase to use as our mission statement. One line why we write. I already know what mine is. Make a Difference.

I'll write more tomorrow but until then--why do you write?


Joanne said...

Hi Terri, Just found your blog, enjoyed browsing. I think it's so important to be connected online - for marketing and writing support. The writers' community is great that way. Why do I write? I've seen that question lately. It has to do with happiness. Without writing, a form or expression and art would be sorely missed in my days.

Joanne said...

Hi again Terri, Thanks for visiting my blog, glad you liked it. I was looking at the WOW Women on Writing blog, and linked over to you on the comments section. WOW has a pretty interesting blog going on, lots of great info. Happy writing!

Janna Qualman said...

I posed that very question on my own blog the other day. I write, while there are several reasons, because I love the process of finding the right words.

I'm really anjoying your blog! I'm glad you visited mine, so I could in turn visit yours. :)

Mid Stutsman said...

Hi Terri... thanks for stopping over at Midspoint... the Israel blog is separate, but you are welcome to link to it too!! ;)

By the way, I write because it's in my bones... I love writing; it's another form of art for me and a way to glorify the Lord.