Thursday, July 03, 2008

What Positive Changes Have Been Made?

Every morning, I have a routine of reading other writers' blogs and one in particular hit me this morning. She suggested reviewing the positive changes we have made in our lives this first half of the year instead of dwelling on all the rejections we writers are so fond of gettting. So it made me want to pull out my list making skills and see where I've come.

1. Overcame my fear of public speaking by joining Toastmasters. So I only gave a few speeches--that's more than I ever gave in my life! And I learned what not to do should the challenge ever arise again.

2. Started a writers group. Oh, that one was easy. NO--it wasn't since I'm the person who dreads planning parties in case no one shows up!

3. Agreed to interview authors I don't know and I admire. Haven't done that yet but the process is in motion. First, I said YES and now I'm panicking but I'm doing it because I know the outcome will be more than worth it. Plus, I've never interviewed a soul.

4. Putting together some pitches for editors at the conference I'm going to in a few weeks. I have never signed up to meet one--not sure at all what to say but what have I to lose?

My spin on why this year I'm willing to take a few more risks? I joined some writers associations and I've noticed that the average writer can improve her skills by learning and trying and eventually be successful at it. In the battle to learn, keep putting one foot in front of you or you'll never get there.

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