Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Where's a teen when you need one?

I bought a digital recorder yesterday. When I got home, I slit the package open and unfolded eight pages of directions. Eventually, I found page one, (yes, it was that confusing) and figured out how to record.

Sometimes it seems the directions I get from God are just as complicated. What? Start a Christian Writers Group? Write a proposal for a book? Are you kidding? I don't know how! So I kick and scream and I whine and I put it off. But I have a deadline and commitment with the recorder. I have people counting on me. Come to think of it, I have a commitment to writing too but sometimes I think it is just as easy to put it off and go work out, or clean the house or convince myself I can't figure it out.

When these days occur, I find it best to jump in feet first and forget all the excuses and have a little faith that it will all work out. My friend reminded me today how hard it is to Let Go and Let God sometimes. It's just as hard to Grab Hold and Do It. But now that I've mastered the sound of my voice(ugh), I think I'm ready to tackle the next thing on my list.

What are you putting off doing because it's too hard?

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Ann said...

Hi Terri-
We both know I'm putting off something because it's too hard. :-) Thanks for the reminder. I really need to dive into writing again and forget about success or failure. Congratulations on your new writing group!