Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Getting Bogged Down

Ever have one of those days? One of those weeks? Maybe for you it lasts a little longer?

I'm working on three books right now. One I am editing again for the billionth time; the other two I am waiting for inspiration to finish the endings. Then the rewrites. But it seems I keep getting interrupted somehow.

I belong to a writers group called Writers Interrupted. Check the link out on this page if you don't belong. It is for writers who get interrupted by life. I was interrupted yesterday when my car was hit by a careless driver. Had to sit along the road for an hour while the local sheriff wrote up the paperwork. Made me late for my hair appointment and then I missed going to the bank and store cause I got caught in a huge thunderstorm.

I will be interrupted further tomorrow when I fly to Seattle to see my grandson on his first birthday. (So I will be blogging from the Bothel area for a few days.)

But not all interruptions are bad--like the trip to see family. But sometimes I get bogged down because I let the intrusions happen and my writing suffers first.

I interviewed about fourteen writers at the ICRS this year and asked each of them if they work on a schedule. Almost all of them block off time for writing in their day and on their monthly calendar. They try to minimize those interruptions when they can because they are serious about their craft--their ministry--and their commitment to God to do what He has called them to do.

So as I get up today and look at my list of to dos, how much time will I set aside for doing what I know I should be doing? It is a hard job being disciplined as a freelance writer but the rewards are great!


Rachel Eggum Cinader said...

Hi Terri,
have a great time in Washington!
Thank you for putting your bucket list on my blog!
I sent a story to Jan today--we'll see what happens! Thanks for the tip.

Linda said...

Hi Terri,
Thanks for visiting my blog. The design was created by Susie at Bluebird blogs. You can click on the icon in my sidebar to view some of the beautiful work she's done. I have absolutley no ability to do something like that!
I know what you mean about the interruptions. I thought once our nest was empty I would have more time than I knew what to do with, but I find that life has a way of interrupting the best laid plans. I believe when that happens it is the Lord taking the day in a different direction.
Have a wonderful visit with your new grandson.

Joanne said...

Hi Terri, Oh those interruptions! Some of them really can't be avoided, such is life ... But others, like your visit with your grandson, such inspiration they might infuse us with in our writing! They're almost necessary, aren't they? Enjoy your trip.