Saturday, August 16, 2008

Slides, sighs and silly smiles

We're having a heat wave here in Seattle and I'm in a home without air! How does a Florida girl survive?

When you travel without your computer--writing stays home as well. As I mentioned earlier, this trip is one of those much needed interruptions in a writer's life. Today my grandson turned one and I get to experience his day with him. Moments like these don't occur everyday. Special moments are the meat and vegetables of my writing.

When I popped my head into his bedroom door this morning and he offered me his biggest smile--I fell in love all over again with this little boy.

"Happy one-year-old birthday," I said as I approached the crib decorated in mint green and yellow.

He tucked his blanket in his hand and rolled over on his back--his smile peaking from behind the fist of blanket.

I carried him downstairs, fed him a breakfast of pancakes and admired what God had given me. Ok, if you aren't where I am yet in your life--you might be thinking 'what is so different than being a mom?" and I will tell you..."wait."

I slid down a play slide during our morning walk wondering if I had been too busy to do this with my daughter when she was the same age. Maybe. But I sure wasn't going to be this time.

My adventure tonight is a trip to Toys R Us to let him pick out his present.

Yes, my stories come from the memories we make. What memories are you making now?

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