Friday, August 01, 2008

My First Book Give-Away Contest!

Women of Passions: Ordinary Women Serving an Extraordinary God is a superb collection of stories and inspirational writings providing the reader with a powerful connection to the Heart of God. Women from various backgrounds and walks of life open their hearts with a fresh perspective on the ageless questions asking “Why do bad things happen to good people?” or “Why me?”
Regardless of the reader’s age, vocation, personal interests or level of spiritual maturity, the stories in this book will lead them to their knees in prayer, to their feet in thanksgiving, or to the phone to share with their closest friend.
Used as a devotional, shared in a small group setting for discussion, or picked up when there are only a few free minutes in her busy day, the reader is invited to press beyond her comfort zone to experience the unexplainable passionate love shared between a woman and her God.

I'm giving away this terrific compilation of stories to someone next week!

How do you win ? It's easy! Send me a post telling me about your passion. Whether your passion is your family, teaching Sunday School . . . whatever, I want to know!

When? Today through next Friday.

Don't Forget! Read my story in the book about the surprising way God gave us a Christian bookstore!

Only two more days to enter! I'll post the winner on Saturday!


Lynda Schab said...

I'd love to win this book! It sounds wonderful (not to mention I've got to read your story!) passion. Definitely writing (duh!) Touching people through books, stories and articles is my God-given passion. I am so honored to be used in this way. :-)

Looking forward to the results of the contest!

Dawn Bernstrom Fullerton said...

Hi Terri,

Thanks for the HUGE spread on my book, "Talk to Me, Grandpa!" I loved reading the comments - very encouraging.

Of course, I would love to win the book. My passion is praying for people for healing of their deep, deep hurts - the pain that is so much a part of us we think we cannot get rid of it because it is who we have become rather than what God intended us to be.


Leaders In Learning said...

I'd love to be the winner, too! Pick me! Pick me! (Sorry too much time with children.) All kidding aside, it sounds good. I hope to have time to tell about my passion for youth and children's ministry and how my father and mother inspired me in this area. Did you want it in a comment or email. I'll leave you a snippet or two now. If you only knew...

I've dealt with secondary infertility issues for 10 years and for many years I resisted the call to work with children because of my own hurts. I had one biological child, (now age 16) who had many problems and who seemed, at one time to reject my efforts to bring him into my life and the Kingdom. One day, I felt like the Lord told me to stop crying and trust Him. "Take care of my children and I will take care of yours." I put my child and future children into God's hands and poured myself into children's ministry. I saw Him use me to reach the unreachable and the unloved. I saw Him use me to grow youth groups from small numbers to large numbers and then mature spiritually. But yet, my own dreams were unrealized. Then I took His call even further and began taking in foster children. I've seen His Hand in this too. Underneath it all, I see how that my many years under my parents' children's ministries prepared me for the work I am doing today and now have a passion for.

Rachel Eggum Cinader said...

Hi Terri,

What does a woman do when her husband dies and his family tosses her and her children to the streets? A woman with no skills, money or home is a desperate woman forced to take drastic measures. What if you are a woman in Uganda and have no rights and no one to protect you? Where do you turn? Where is God? Has He rejected you as well?

My passion is to help these women and their children to find dignity, love, health and joy. Our organization helps these women with training and business start-ups. We feed their children while their moms are getting started and teach the women how to budget their money and run their businesses in order to become self-sufficient and to know that God has not forgotten them.

My passion extends to the elderly widows who can no longer work the fields, make hand-crafts, etc. currently we supply them with food and supplies while my dream is to one day have a place for the elderly to live as a group--each with her own little hut but will come together with her sisters for a common meal and an opportunity to hear of the love of Christ. Oh. I could write a book on this passion! OH. I am!!

Jan Ross said...

Although I'm not eligible to win a copy of the book ~he he he~, I just have to tell you all how awesome it is to read about your personal passion for ministry. One of my greatest passions is to see how God drops a seed in the heart of a woman and watch it grow as they cultivate that seed to a full-blown passion for service. And, that's really the key word for me. Service! God can take the heart of any woman (or man) who has the desire to serve and do miracles. Ordinary Women Serving an Extraordinary God! All He needs is a willing heart.

What a blessing you are...each one of you! May God continue to use your willing heart to touch lives with His unmatchable love.

Terri sure has her work cut out for her choosing a winner. :)

Jan Ross

Karen Knapp said...

This book is so great that I want two! Is that being selfish? Then I could give one away to one of my friends. The reason I want to win a second is because I already have one which I want you to sign! I forgot when you were in PA but you will have a chance when I'm back in FL. I LOVE your story and think this book is wonderful.

My passion is really to follow the Lord daily as He opens up unexpected opportunities and blessings. If I could give encouragement or help to women in particular, it would be to encourage them to want their children to develop in all types of areas but especially in spiritual growth! If their children can glimpse the fact that God's plan is so much better than their own, it will be the best gift they can give their family. And my passion that goes along with that is, of course, writing.

You have had such a special year, Terri, and hopefully this is just the beginning of amazing ways the Lord will use your writing.