Friday, August 08, 2008

Just the Facts

I don't know if you can tell, but not being able to post for a full week has been killing me! Now that my book give-away (my very first) has been running almost a week-- I wanted to share some of the facts I have discovered during this process for those of you who are thinking about doing it on your own blog.

1. My goal was to share some information about a fabulous book! (ok, so I have a story in it too) but when you sit down and read the other great stories, you will put the book down feeling as though God knew exactly what you needed right then. Did I meet that goal? I sure hope so cause some of the responses I got (go read them again!) were awesome! Everyone has a passion and when you read those who wrote in--it might trigger one in your own life.

2. When I posted the book information, I went around to all the other writer sites I belong to like God-linked, Faithwriters, Writer Interrupted and Shoutlife and posted a comment about my give-away. I know, there are a ton of them on there. But what happened when I did?

I had the most traffic to my blog EVER!

I have this free counter attached to this site so I can tell what kind of traffic I am getting. I may have not gotten as many comments as I would have liked, but a bucket load of people saw the book cover and hopefully read the information.

3. Why so few entries? Well, I must have gotten a dozen people who wrote and said they tried to leave one and it didn't go through or got kicked off etc. Do I understand technology? Ask my daughter. Anyways, maybe you might need a Google account to sign in? Maybe not, but this could be a drawback.

4. Would I do it again? Of course. In fact, I am in another anthology coming out sometime soon that I plan to do a give-away.(I'll keep you posted.)

So am I going to pick a winner?? Relax. Tomorrow I will and I'll post it here. So if you are reading this and thinking, I'd really like a copy, it isn't too late to sign up. If you don't get kicked off.

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Joanne said...

Hi Terri, I like that your post might trigger a passion in your readers' lives! Very inspiring. Passions carry much meaning as to who we are, what we feel. And congrats on having your story in the anthology!