Sunday, August 10, 2008

Sunday night ramblings from the mountain

(yeah . . . we have mountains here)

I can't wait to share more writing information with you and I also have another book I want to share as well from a person in my writers group.

Hang on.

I can't kick it in gear tonight after a day of church and a trip to the newest health food store. (Whole Foods) Anyone shop them? I usually don't as it is a hike into Orlando for me but I wanted to try some of the gluten free kits. I got a cake, some bread, a cookie mix and some pretzels. Can you tell I am a recovering carb-addict?

Anyways, be ready for some interesting -- I hope--information and as usual my 'whatever' depending on where my mind leads me.

Please check out the Clermont Christian Writers blog and check out some of my latest finds for submitting stories. Let me knowthe kinds of places you are searching and I will see what I can find for you. We have to submit regularly if we want to be accepted!

Thanks again for checking in on my ramblings!

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