Saturday, August 09, 2008

And the winner is . . .

My husband went golfing today (all day--he found a place he can play for $7)but before he left, I asked him to help with my selection of a winner. Since all of the entries were absolutely wonderful, I wanted to choose fairly. So I put all the names in a cup and asked him to pick!

Drum roll please . . . And the winner of the Women of Passions book is Karen!
Congratulations! Please E-mail me at with your snail mail and we'll mail you your copy!

Here's what Karen had to say about her passion:

My passion is really to follow the Lord daily as He opens up unexpected opportunities and blessings. If I could give encouragement or help to women in particular, it would be to encourage them to want their children to develop in all types of areas but especially in spiritual growth! If their children can glimpse the fact that God's plan is so much better than their own, it will be the best gift they can give their family. And my passion that goes along with that is, of course, writing.

Thank you for participating in my first book give-away!


Anonymous said...

I'm in TN at a reunion. I just happened to check my email as it's been a hectic day and saw that I won! I'm excited and will email you my address. Thanks so much!

Deborah said...

I missed your giveaway!! I obviously don't check writer interupted often enough, so I'm adding you to my regular blogroll...I love the way it tells when someone has posted!