Monday, September 08, 2008

Goal Roll Call

Many of you bloggers out there--have stated your writing goals for this week. What an encouragement you are for me and others who are trying to wade through this process to publication or getting an agent or finishing a manuscript! Keep it up!

Donna:trying to push through the middle of her book and get back on track with her 1000 words a day!

Karen: Resubmitting an article that she revised last week.

Vickie: Trying to find new ways to market her poetry book -- any suggestions anyone?
She is also working on finishing her devotional.

Joanne: Working on some deep revisions this week.

Renee': Finishing up some revision--almost done! What's the next step?

Please be praying for each other as we try to accomplish these goals this week. There will be tons of distractions and interruptions but if we keep at it--by Friday--we'll feel even better!


Renee Collins said...

This is going to be a great week for all. I can feel it! :)

AnooCre8ion said...

I am praying for each of you that God would give you just what you need to meet your goals. Some of us need divine connections, some us need an extra bit of discipline, some of us need a supernatural door to knock on that wasn't even a door before. Whatever we need I pray that even when He does give it to us we will recognise it and receive it gladly.

Thank you Terri for your continued encouragement. I started working on my devotional again today. Wrote a new one and did some tweaking on a few of the older ones.

I am taking some of my books to work with me throughout this week to show to whomever God would put in my path, and also to look for some opportunities of marketing.