Sunday, September 07, 2008

It's only cardboard

We have a new week starting tomorrow for us as writers. Some of us will gather excuses like eggs at an Easter egg hunt about why they can't do any writing. Some of us will make our list of goals and post it above our messy desk. Some of us will go to bed tonight dreaming of the way we will bring our blank paper alive.

What kind of writer are you?

I hope this is the week you get serious about it. I hope this is the week you see your writings and scribblings and stories as a gift from God.

I hope this is the week you take a giant step forward and maybe tear a corner out of the box and stick your foot out. It won't fall off. I promise.

A few months back when my husband was still unemployed, I dragged him to Toastmasters with me. I'm the person who has not stood in front of a group of people since Speech 101. But that still small voice inside me said, " Go do it. It might come in handy." A few speeches later, a writers group in a bordering town asked me to speak. Guess what? I was thankful for sticking that toe out.

So when you stare at your computer screen tomorrow--think BIG!

What is your box? What is taping you in? Hope to hear from you!


Stonefox (otherwise known as Heidi) said...

Thanks for the word of encouragement! Can you share anything about the book your working on? :) Fun, fun!

Karen said...


I sent in the revised article tonight (the one you saw) and feel good that I'm back in writing mode! And I will take your advice and set some goals for this week. You'll have a book proposal done in no time!

Angie Ledbetter said...

They have fab hardback calendar books especially for writers at the major bookstores. Good for keeping self accountable!

I'm still waiting to hear from an agent on my women's fiction ms, then will start a new round of querying. I've got a new 7-part series going up at the Rose & Thorn Literary e-zine blog beginning today if anyone's interested in getting a peek inside editors' minds and thoughts.

Joanne said...

I think I tore a corner out of the box when I started blogging a few months back. Though I worried about finding ideas, connecting, etc., it's been a great experience, and a great connection to an amazing writing community!

Janna Qualman said...

Thank you, Terri! Thanks for putting this out here; the call for us to step out and move on with our writing. Your encouragement and push are wonderful.