Friday, September 05, 2008

Header Picture

Several bloggers asked me today about my header picture. I told a few it was Italy and partly that is true. We sent my daughter there with the new blogger--Bobbie Klein--who is a good friend from years back. This particular picture was taken on the island of Sicily. They spent almost two weeks touring Rome, Venice and other areas so I have a stash of pictures saved on my computer. Wish it was Florida!

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AnooCre8ion said...


Beautiful header picture, I too wish I was there right now :)

Thanks for stopping by my blog and thanks for your encouragement.

I have been writing poetry for a while and really love it, but some time ago I felt God prompting me to write some devotionals and since then I have been working on some. I have a WIP called "Serenading the Soul." I worked on it for a while and put it aside, but I believe God is urging me to get back to it.

I joined faithwriters sometime ago but haven't been there recently. I do think it's an awesome place, with lots of support and encouragement.

I do believe that starting this blog will help me to focus some on what God will have me do with my writing.

Sorry to be so long :)
I am from Boston, MA.