Friday, September 05, 2008

My great week news

Here's my good news today. I know! I still have another day for writing and goals and good things in the mailbox!
But I couldn't wait.
I got a free book in the mail today--actually UPS--I won it on Shoutlife.
I got a check in the mail--actually it was the insurance check from an accident I was in a month ago. But hey--good news is good news.
Now--for the very best news of all. I've been working to finish this goal all week and tonight I left my husband to snore on the couch while I snuck(is that even a word?) back into my office. (you can do that when you don't have kids anymore to make you feel guilty.)
I finished my edits on one of my manuscripts!!
What this means is I can take it to Kinkos next week, send it to a friend to read, and start working on a proposal. (UGH! I will be begging for help on that one!) But I also found a place I want to submit it to that takes manuscripts without an agent. That was a God-send as well.
So I am already setting some new goals for next week. And I am excited. Hope you are getting that way too!
Do something right now--pull out a pad and write down two goals for next week. If you want to post them here-- please do! If we keep each other accountable--that phone call will come, the email will arrive and the postman will send us that letter of acceptance we have been dreaming about since the day we first committed to write for the Lord.


AnooCre8ion said...

Hi Terri, congrats on meeting the goal you set for yourself this week. Best wishes as you get ready for your proposal as well.

I will write two goals for next week and pray with the help of God and your encouragement that I will meet them.

I self-published a book of poetry some months ago and it was well received at the onset. There hasn't been much activity with it however for a very long time and I believe it's because I have not been effective in marketing it. That's a hard area for me. One that I am asking God for help with. Anyhow my goal for next week with is to try to 'push' it somewhere. I've tried a few bookstores that didn't want it, maybe God will lead me somewhere else.

My next goal is to start to work again on my unfinished devotional.

Thanks for letting me post my two goals here.


Joanne said...

I'm on a quiet path right now, so my two goals for next week are to post on my blog and move deeper into a revision, which takes a lot of my concentration. I like getting immersed in the story like that.

Joanne said...

Terri, my book is commercial fiction that looks at the concept of identity. When several milestones occur in my protagonist's life, it sends her into a tailspin of sorts, prompting her to find and know her true self. My blog's theme is tied in with the story's, finding and embracing your choice life. Small clips of the manuscript are on my side bar. How about you? Are you finishing up a manuscript too?

Renee Collins said...

Congrats Terri! That's great. What a relief it must be.

I am almost done with the revisions to my MS. My goal is to finish by the end of next week. *crosses fingers*

Donna M. Kohlstrom said...

Awesome job! I'm proud of you for all you've accomplished! I pray you have a week full of more blessings!