Monday, September 01, 2008

Newspaper Article

My writer's group made the paper! Here is the article from on-line.

Christian authors meet in Clermont
Staff Writer
CLERMONT -- People interested in writing and spending a couple of hours the last Monday of each month with fellow Christians, may enjoy the Clermont Christian Writers group.
The group, led by author and former counselor Terri Tiffany, is focused around inspirational type works and provides a venue for encouragement, support, market information and tips toward publication.
"I belong to another writers group I plan to continue with, but the Christian market is different. I wanted to enjoy others who were doing the same," Tiffany said.
Tiffany, whose many inspirational stories have been published in Chicken Soup for the Soul, Sunday school take-home papers, numerous anthologies and women's magazines, just began the group and, after two meetings, has maintained a membership of six.
The group meets from 1 to 3 p.m. on the last Monday of each month in the Genealogy room at Cooper Memorial Library in downtown Clermont.
Tiffany said new members are welcome anytime.
Though the first meeting was mainly getting acquainted, the second meeting started with each person communicating their goals to Tiffany.
Tiffany took note of each member's goals, short- and long-term and from that list, joked about her plan to proceed with either "cheerleading" or "nagging" them all about accomplishing what they set out to do.
"I'm right at the edge of discourse half the time so the encouragement is big," member Donna Kohlstrom from Clermont said. "At first, I was worried about coming to the group. I felt a little depressed about my work and was ready to shred everything I'd written but after I came here the first time, I was motivated to write more. I felt like I got the encouragement I needed and the spirit just moved me."
In the past, Kohlstrom has had several essays, poems and short stories published.
However, Kohlstrom is attempting to write her first Christian woman's novel, as of July 1.
Since them, Kohlstrom has written 19,429 words and during the meeting, set a goal of sitting down to write at least 1,000 words per day.
Other member goals consisted of writing each day or writing a chapter or tow every day.
Kohlstrom said she is getting very much into the book and recently, was caught crying, by her husband after she had to kill off one its characters.
"It's not that my husband doesn't listen, he'll say "good job" or "oh no" but he doesn't have a clue, so I e-mail my cheerleader (Tiffany)," Kohlstrom. "Writers need to be with other writers and I wish we were meeting everyday, actually."
"Writing is such a lonely business and full of rejection, so it's nice to get this kind of support and encouragement."
The other members range from new, unpublished writers, long-time, unpublished writers and those who have been published and looking to share their experiences to help others.
Sharon Sutton, from Groveland, has never been published but is putting together a book of inspirational poems and stories she'd like someone to pick up.
Sutton, who was first inspired to write poetry after the loss of her husband years ago, said she was recently moved by God to shift her writing towards pieces that could possibly help support groups that deal with death and grief.
"I don't know what God is doing. He just told me to write, so I'm getting it all down," Sutton said.
Becky Joie-Oaks of Leesburg, who is working on two children's books, advised members to either double or triple save their work or print hard copies in case of computer glitches, based on her own experienced of having lost her own work.
In addition, members can also read their "works in progress" and accept critiques from others, share ideas and feedback.
Tiffany said she hopes members will be inspired by each other to write and reach their goals. She said she hopes to be able to get everyone published.
Tiffany's own goal last week, was to continue with a blog for the group in which she plans to include tips and links to publishing opportunities.
At the last meeting, Tiffany urged each member to sign up for her blog and start one of their own. She said blogs are great ways to network and be heard.
At the end of the meeting, each person voiced any prayer requests they had for themselves or each other and left commenting about how they couldn't wait to meet again next time.
"Remember, write everything down, nothing is wasted. We write to glorify God and if we do that, then even if no one ever reads what we wrote, then it's successful," Tiffany said the group before leaving. "But start a blog too, I'm going to nag you about that."
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Leaders In Learning said...

Roxanne did a pretty good job, didn't she? I was a ahrd one ot peg since I am writing for various genres at the same time. I guess she pegged the children's books because of my work with children. The picture was interesting, huh? LOL


Joanne said...

What a nice write-up! It's nice to bring attention to writers' groups, and since yours is a new group, this will surely inspire your members to succeed. Sounds like a great bunch. Cute how you'll nag them to blog ... blogging's a great tool, isn't it.

Janna Qualman said...

Fantastic! Makes me absolutely wish I lived close enough to join you.