Friday, November 21, 2008

Keeping Your Blogger Friends Happy

Linda said . . . it's a discipline of sorts to force me to think of things to post that I think might interest someone else.

Her statement about blogging got me to thinking about what I post on my blog. I began my blog by writing about a little about my life and where I went and then about my rejections and acceptances in writing.

But along the way, as many of you shared, we started writing for others in hopes to give something as well as documenting our writing journey.

What happens when you can't think of anything to blog about but you feel committed to write? Is it okay to talk about your dinner plans, pets, kids etc.?

Question: How do you tailor your blog for writers? What should you write about that will encourage, interest and keep your readers coming back for more? Like a book, should a blog be as interesting?


Sassy Granny ... said...

Great challenge! It reminds me of how intentional I need to be, regardless of what I pen.

I attempt to steer my blogging ship in the direction of my grandchildren. They're almost old enough now to grasp granny's sas, so I focus my thoughts and hearts on those things that matter most to me. Some of it's mundane, but most is rooted into something deeper, something heaven-ward. Or so I hope.

You keep us on our toes, Terri, and I like that!


Robin Lambright said...

I think for me it is a 50/50 thing. My blog consist of an equal (I think) mix of my personal life, daily happenings, and really miscellaneous stuff. But I do feel a lot of time that when a devotional comes together then it is a real outlet for me to practice my writing.

I do think that if you want your blog to be read it needs to be interesting, I do not care to read blogs that are more of a personal journal kind of thing with lots of ….went to the store, then post office……. daily details.

I want to hear what you think, what make you laugh, what make you frustrated, what really funny things happen to you, what really amazing things happen to you, how God works in your life, what make you angry, what make you sad. So yea, I think it's totally ok to write about dinner plans, pets, kids etc as long as it comes from the heart and is interesting, that is what prompts me to link up to someone else's blog and want to re-visit.

I think that when we share our hearts and out lives on our blog it then inspires others to do the same. I know that there are countless time when I will read something on someone else's blog and then in turn I will be inspired to write something that will connect with that thread of an idea.

More times than I can count my quiet time with the Lord will prompt a post. God’s word will almost always give me a germ or a spark for a post. However it could just as easily be the process of baking my Cinnamon Raisin bread from the other day that prompts me to write a post.

However, there are so many time when I just don’t have anything that I feel is post worthy. I try not to let this be a discouragement. I consider my blog more of an outlet as well as a motivation to get me practicing the craft of writing.

I have set myself a personal goal of trying to post at least once a week. For me, with working part time and wife/mother obligations there has to be balance as well.

I read other blogs that post every day or every other day and I have to tell myself not to compare my efforts to someone else’s. It is what it is, and people will either like what I write or they won’t. They will either continue to stop by or they wont, I am happy to continue to write about what happens in my life and how God shows up and attempt to keep it interesting, relevant, honest, funny (or funny to me anyway) etc……

Great question!
I had stuff to say……

Janna Qualman said...

I've asked myself this often of late, because there IS that kind of responsibility to at least approach your topic (even if it's dinner plans) in a way that's relatable and entertaining. It's tough, but I guess not every post can be stellar.

Thanks for asking about my motivation! I was feeling a new fire yesterday, but had too much going on to sit down with my WIP. As of this morning, a migraine I've been playing hide-and-seek with has found me again, and I'll likely have to lie down in a bit. But the motivation's there, I feel it! Hope you have a great weeekend, Terri. :)

Yolanda said...

For me, it's simply what I'm walking out that day or week.

And I understand Linda's thoughts because there are times that I do read, but not post a comment on the blogs that I visit.

Blessings Terri!

Angie Ledbetter said...

I think whatever you post, what things you decide your blog will consist of, as long as it's done in an entertaining way and with a sharing attitude, you'll find a good group of fellow bloggers.

*jo said...

just popping by to say hello! got your comment on my nano blog post.

i heard about your writing group from one of our choir members -becky-joie oakes. i'm hoping that maybe sometime next year i can come to the clermont writing group(!). i'll have to see with my work schedule.

MichaƩle said...

My blog is so selfishly about me, the kids, what's going on in my life, what's going right, going wrong, etcetera. I was an editorial columnist and so I think I became programmed to believe that people really cared what I thought and therefore wrote about and haven't been able to shake this narcissistic style yet!

KelliGirl said...

Hmm...Good questions.

God is so incredible. So present. So endlessly fascinating. I write to share my insights and reflections on Him and how I see Him in the day-to-day. At times I wish I were a witty, perky writer equipped with snappy lines and funny stories, but I tend to reflect and then hopefully point my readers to Jesus. The stories/insights come as fast as I can write them (I truly think it's a God thing.)

I don't write much about my daily activities as a mom or wife because, unless I can make them funny (see above), I think the average reader would be bored to tears!! (ha ha!)

As a result, my audience is mixed, with both women and men readers. I strive more for content than for frequency. And try not to focus too much on me, me, me!

Finding our voice as a writer is an ongoing journey. I love that blogging is place where we can work it out.


Melissa Marsh said...

I definitely think your blog should be interesting, but in the end, it is YOUR blog. It really depends on what you want out of it. Do you want to meet other people and share your thoughts and create a community of sorts? Then you'll have to post frequently and make your posts interesting. OTOH, if you just want a place to share your thoughts, no matter if they're about the day's mundane events or about your vacation or whatever, then that's ok, too, and you don't need to worry about the content as much.

I know that some people have "personal" blogs as opposed to "writing" blogs to keep their lives "separate" so to speak. But my blog is sort of a reflection on the writing life in general, and that includes my every day life as well as topics on writing.

So I think you really need to make it your own, whatever that may be. :-)

giddymomof6 said...

I live so far away from family and friends in the States and with six kids, my agent out selling my Austen Series, And trying to write all six of them in one year--I post to inform them what's going on, or to make them laugh. But mainly it's just for me to giggle about later. I also stay away from anything negitive. I want a completely uplifting blog for the people I love to read.

Linda said...

Thanks for referencing my blog and comment, Terri!

Jessica said...

That's what I do. Most of the time I can think of stuff (though whether it's interesting is a totally different matter *snort*) but when my brain freezes I either stick up links to interesting places I've been or, snicker, I post info on my kids.
But yes, I've wondered how to keep my blog interesting while at the same time keeping my priorities straight. (word count in wip, etc)

Renee Collins said...

You know, I often feel like my blog is boring and wonder if there is anything I can do to spice it up, but then I have to remember that one of the main things I like about reading other writer blogs is just to learn about the process.

I don't mean tips about writing persay, I mean just to see first hand experiences. This can be writing related, but our daily lives affect our writing, so I like that too. I'm always interested to hear other writer's stories, because they are always different. And there is always something to learn.

I think your blog is a great example. :)

Stonefox (otherwise known as Heidi) said...

Terri, as you know, I don't tailor my blog for writers, so I can't help with this one! But I love reading other writer's blogs because they are encouraging and inspiring and they motivate me to write well, not just write. (Although I don't always write well, I frequently ramble! :))

Susan Storm Smith said...

i find myself changing a lot lately. I used to just have one central theme but after coming back from living overseas there are so many topics and some just don't seem to go with the current blog.

So expanding into themed blogs is a way to keep a central theme and ideas going for me.

And I have never thought that what I plan for dinner or where I go is of any importance on anyone's radar. On Twitter for example, when people say, off to lunch ...

my launch pad of ideas mainly comes from reading the news (SOMF--smile on my face).