Thursday, November 20, 2008

Looking in the Blog Mirror

I started off using the blog as a journal, just to document my quest for publication.

Renee began her blog much as I did. I used to write for myself and eventually I felt myself writing for others and trying to offer a service of sorts to help when I could with the writing process.

Do you remember when you did the same and did it feel strange when you began to write for unknown faces?

With that shift in blog focus, here's my next Question: How do you make your blog stand out from all the others and how did you choose to design it for user friendliness? What about its background and the gadgets on it?


Angie Ledbetter said...

Mirror, mirror, on the blog... :)

I "decorated" my blog pretty much like I do everything else -- on a whim, by experimenting, trial and error. As for the contents, same as above, but with an eye to just putting myself into it as much as possible. (The things I like and enjoy, and hoping others would find some entertainment value or information in it.)

Anonymous said...

My blogspot was created by choosing the colors I most love. I wanted something simple and easy to read but yet something that reflected a little of who I am.

My goal in creating the site was to network, read other's advice on the craft and share experiences I have faced during the everyday life of a new author (some family and work funnies as well).

Ritergal said...

I began my blog to get the word out about my book, The Heart and Craft of Lifestory Writing, and also as a platform to discuss evolving thoughts about lifestory writing that go beyond the book.

I began the blog before the book cover was designed, and started with my signature logo, a "Rainbow of Hearts." I inherited the original watercolor of these hearts from my mother. It hangs over my desk and forms a powerful link between our stories and spirits. The rest fell into place over time, and I'm currently working on an evolution to three columns to make links easier to see and find.

Melissa Marsh said...

My last blog layout was quite unique - it showcased the World War II era, which is what I focus on when I write. But I decided to change things up just because I was getting tired of it and wanted to be able to change my backgrounds to suit the seasons more. That's what I upgraded my template and am so very glad I did. I have much more "control" of what it looks like since I don't have much HTML experience. I want my blog look to reflect my writing and me as a person - what I enjoy, my interests, etc.

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

Why I blog?

For me, it's always been about having a public canvas on which to paint my words. As a writer, the deep passion of my heart is to have others read my thoughts. As a Christian it is to have readers read my thoughts with Christ in mind. His story is too good, too compelling, too wonderful not to consider.

I find Him in everything (well almost everything), and his story compels mine.

So, why do I blog? For Jesus. I know that sounds lofty and pious, but it's simply the truth. I enjoy blog land for so many reasons, but mostly from the deep connections I am making with so many people.

It has also forced me to work on my writing skills and to sharpen them accordingly. I've yet to be officially published, but publishing my words in blog land has been a satisfying and necessary obedience.

And by the way (as if this hasn't gone on long enough)... not long into "blogging" God challenged me to spend my words now. Not to save them for a rainy day or a yet to be published book. He simply and profoundly challenged me with the thought...

"Tomorrow is not promised to you, elaine. Spend them now, pour them forth. Today is what you've been given." Thus, I spend a lot of time on my posts and one reason I cannot blog everyday, but about 2-3 times per week.

I also had someone design my blog, so I would be well pleased with the backdrop for my words. Some people are addicted to changing theirs. I simply don't have the energy.

How's that for an answer or two or three?!


Leaders In Learning said...

To me, this was the hardest part of blogging. I'm still working on my blog decor. I just don't have enough time to match my perfectionist eye with all the possibilities and get it right. But, I want my readers to feel at home and see the site as a place they were welcome to leave comments about their learning journey. I think the decoration depends on one's blog purpose. I have a couple of blogs. On one I attempt a professional appearance. The others are more casual.

Barbara said...

I started blogging just for myself. I never thought anyone would actually read it. But now it has turned into a virtual women's magazine of shared interests and experiences.

I like to change my format as the season's change and as I find cute little things to add. Basically, I'm a person who likes variety in life and that is reflected in the content and face of my blog.

I try to add a little something every day that might be helpful...maybe even inspirational.
I'm still learning, though, so hang in there with me.

And....I love comments from my readers!

Jessica said...

Uh-oh, I didn't consider that stuff too much. I did list the blogs I liked and that helped me. Now I'm starting to learn more stuff.
My background is super simple but I wouldn't mind having something more creative. LOL Just have to learn more.
My goal was to network also, so that someday when I sell a book people besides my family will know it. LOL

Kasie West said...

My blog reflects my preferences and personality. I hope I've made it easy for others to navigate, but all and all I hope if I enjoy it then others will too. I remember the first time I clicked on your site, Terri, I just loved the picture at the top. I was struck by the beauty of the scenery. I still love that pic every time I visit.

Kathryn Magendie said...

I'm hoping my photographs stand out -
I used to write mostly nature-oriented blogs on my MSN blog, but lately I've changed it up some

It was very weird when I first began blogging! but it's been fun most of the time!

Linda said...

I started off writing about my life to share something with my children.

My blog focus has shifted as well. I find that in additional to a wonderful way of networking and "meeting" new friends, it's a discipline of sorts to force me to think of things to post that I think might interest someone else.