Thursday, April 01, 2010

The other side

I've got five minutes before I have to leave for work. Five minutes of time to put down on this blog where my thoughts have been roaming the past few days.

It seems both my husband and I have been learning the word perseverance lately. Now, it really isn't my favorite word. Nor is it a word I would wish on anyone.

But after going through these past couple of years, I've learned to appreciate its meaning so much more. But what I will really appreciate is the other side of the word. The day I get to say I persevered and made it through. The day I can stand up and and share with others how God saw us through the worst of trials.

With my writing, I'm finding that now is the time to persevere there as well. During this time when I have some fulls out and when I'm thinking I'll never have time to devote all I want to learning the craft. The time when I start telling myself that maybe I've wasted all these years and there won't ever be that other side.


We're all persevering through something now, whether it be financial or family issues or a job situation. We get up each day, drop our feet to the floor, and do it.

I start my morning with heavy prayer. How do you persevere?


Journaling Woman said...

I can only persevere when I rely on God's strength and not my own. What I like about prayer - even in my most selfish praying times is that it becomes about Him.

Andrea said...

Lots of prayer and just keep putting one foot in front of the other.
Hugs, andrea

Susan R. Mills said...

Prayer is powerful for perseverance. For me, God's that only way to get through tough times.

Keli Gwyn said...

I've got two things for you today, Terri. First is a great BIG cyber {{{{{HUG}}}}}. The second requires a small act on your part. Put your open hand to your computer screen. I've done the same, so now you have it: a high five from me to you.

Here's hoping for some encouragement to come your way soon. OK, an offer would be nice too. :)

Anonymous said...

Prayer and reading scripture, listening and singing along to Christian tunes help me to keep my spirits lifted to persevere. As well as the people, the connections, even the bloggers, that God has led me too. Also, remembering times past by writing down my past successess accomplished with all the help from above. I look foward to hearing about your 'stand up' times!

Georgiana said...

Your story is inspiring me. I wouldn't wish "that word" on anyone else either, but I am there with you. It's nice to know that I am not alone.

Trudy said...

This is so true Terri and I know this post will resonate with everyone who reads it since we are all persevering over something all the time! We have had such similar struggles the past couple of years. Our struggles are still the same.

I meet mine through prayer and just an everlasting faith in our Creator! I am with you in persevering through the muck so we can look back later and see how wonderful God was during that time!

Blessings to you!

Heidi Willis said...

Ah, persevere. My second favorite lesson (right next to Patience). You really only have two choices, right? To give up, or keep going.

I'm so glad you keep going.

Putting your feet on the ground and taking one step after another is the best way to tackle it. It will pay off for you in the long run!

Cheryl Wright said...

Most days with prayer. But there are days when the emotional stress is too intense. On those days I persevere by the strength that comes from just crying it out.

Paula said...

I agree - you persevere by just doing it. And then when you've done all you know to do - you REST in Him because He's got it all under control.

Easier said than done. But time is a good teacher.


Small Footprints said...

Hm ~ persevere! Some years back, for reasons that I'm not aware of, I decided not to persevere. I decided that I had to find a way to see the joy and opportunity in every circumstance rather than just get through it. And if I couldn't find the joy, then I found happiness in changing the circumstance. Most everything that we experience is more about our attitude than what's actually happening. It's the cup half full idea ... or seeing lovely shades of Grey instead of a cloudy sky.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us ~ it made me really think about the word "persevere" and what it means to me.

Small Footprints

Carmen said...

Life is never what we expect it to be. Perseverence is a much needed tool to carry with us on that journey. However, the way we look at things can make it hard, or easier. Not that there won't be bouts of disappointment. God teaches us throughout life, and sometimes it just takes time to find out what He is showing us. Blessings my friend. You are in my prayers!

Jan Cline said...

Another good reminder to pray. Thanks

Janna Qualman said...

That's it. Relying on Him and the power of prayer, and family and prayers... knowing there IS that other side of perseverance.

I admire you, Terri.

Jill Kemerer said...

Not always easily, Terri. My thoughts are with you.

Susan J. Reinhardt said...

Hi Terri -

While I see the light at the end of the tunnel, I'm still in the tunnel. Job hunting, dealing with the house, writing are all in process. I get tired, wondering when something will be finished.

Prayer is the way I stay on track. It's the only way to go.

Susan :)

Lin Floyd said...

I presevere by writing, it puts everything in perspective.

Jeanette Levellie said...

I get that Word of God out and I dig in with both heels. I write verses down that speak to me, and say them OUT LOUD, so the devil and all his stupid demons can hear. But especially so I can hear that I believe God over my feelings of despair.

I cry. I talk to my husband. I journal. I pray. I ask others to pray for me.

I put on praise music. I sing to the Lord and worship Him. I even make up my own songs of glory, just to make the devil mad.

And I read Christian novels to escape the harshness of real life.

Oh, and I eat stuff I shouldn't. But I do that anyway.

God will not let you go, Honey. He loves you too much and has invested too much in you to drop you now.

I will keep praying for you, friend.

AnooCre8ion said...

I may be strange or different but I do believe it is not a bad thing to wish perseverance on someone. For as the word says, "the testing of our faith produces perseverance and we should let perseverance finish its work so that we may be mature and complete not lacking anything." (James 1:3&4) For that end result anyone can wish it on me. I am hungry for growth in the knowledge of Jesus Christ so I can get to know Him better.

I can see God at work in you Terri and it's going to be amazing what He produces in your life after your faith has been tested. Hang in there.

Personally, I persevere by speaking the word. I love to speak the word out loud because it encourages me to hear myself say what God says.

A blessed resurrection weekend to you.

Greg C said...

For me its coffee and quiet time. I need my quiet time to make it through the day. Sometimes I leave the radio off on my way to work and enjoy more quiet time. It's my talk with God time.

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

Lots of prayer and lots of looking toward home. Some days it's all I can do. Every day, it's enough.

Staying fixed on Jesus today.


Kara said...

You are preservering and giving us inspiration along the way!
I find myself asking God a lot lately what it is I'm supposed to be doing and how. Lots of praying!

Nancy said...

Iknow you will make it to the other side and you will have a testimony.
The way I carry on is to read my scripture cards, speak them out (that helps a lot,) and pray and ask God for input. He always gives me the best literature. I always say He is my librarian.

patti said...

Asking the Holy Spirit to help me and I mean move my legs, tweak my gray matter, raise my arms.

He is so good.
He helps me to persevere.


ginny said...

I persever by getting out of bed in the morning, putting my feet on the ground and thanking the Lord for another day of life, with it's ugliness and beauty. Then I get on with my day and take whatever blessings I can.

Heckety said...

A combination of thisngs-
A good friend from East Africa used to say 'this too will pass.' Can't remember the rest of the verse though.
And also 'not my will but thine'.
And when all else fails I take a day out of myself and do nothing!

But it really is NOT easy to persevere, I guess that's why its called peresverence!!

sarah said...

Perserve - I sort of don't like that word too. It reminds me of fighting...struggling against something I don't like - I like the other side better...knowing that I did it...made it through. I run in the woods...being in the hills...running....alone with God...listening for His whisper that everything will work out well. Stay strong...

Sassy Granny ... said...

If ever you've prayed for patience or wisdom, you can almost be certain a season of persevering is at hand!

As for me, I attempt to live in day-tight compartments; neither ruminating in the past, nor borrowing from the future. My mantra: It is what it is!

That's not to say I'm successful, or that tears & angst don't come to call. But they're no longer enemies. I see them as friends that accompany my soul to God's tender, right hand.

I can hardly wait for your "telling" - the one that'll come when at long last this season passes into another.


Jennifer Shirk said...

Yes! I do too. And I find a verse that is calming to me, memorize it, and repeat during the day. :)

Have a happy Easter!

Kathryn Magendie said...

Just put my head down and keep going.

Sending you a big Hug, Terry . . . hope you are finding joy today.

Anonymous said...

By praying.....wish you the best of health:)

Helen Ginger said...

I keep moving forward. Having coffee in the a.m. with my husband, working on whatever project is first in line, be it writing or editing, and taking a little time each day to read.

Straight From Hel

sanjeet said...

Lots of prayer and just keep putting one foot in front of the other.
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