Thursday, August 19, 2010

10 reasons why I won't stop blogging

There are times I want to stop blogging. Hey, I've written about 536 posts. Some days I think I have nothing of any worth left to say. But then . . . something happens like it did yesterday morning.

So here is why I will never stop blogging:

1. I met my critique group here.
2. I’ve made some wonderfully close friendships
3. I’ve gotten awesome recipes when I don’t know what to do with pinto beans
4. I’ve learned how to write a One Sheet
5. I’ve found out how to query and who some great agents are
6. I’ve learned more about writing than I ever have from books
7. I’ve been prayed for when I thought I was all alone
8. I’ve been cheered on when I wanted to quit
9. I’ve been pushed and pulled along in this journey
10. I’ve started writing fiction

So what about yesterday morning? Well, a blogger helped me move a little bit closer to my dream. Someday I will blog about that too.

What about you? Why won’t you ever stop blogging?


Wendy Paine Miller said...

I blog b/c I like to write. But so many positive twists and turns have come as a result of blogging (like your #1).

I may stop one day. Who knows? I came into it with no rules.

Can't wait to hear your news.
~ Wendy

Jody Hedlund said...

I love the encouragment too! Great post, Terri!

Janna Qualman said...

Blogging gives me that immediate feedback I think all writers need. Don't you think? I agree with your reasons, too. Except maybe pinto beans. LOL!


Nehha N Josshi said...

Because of the People:)

Sandra Heska King said...

I've learned to say "never say never." But I've been blogging now for just over a year. I've found writing discipline and encouragement.

Rhonda said...

As long as I know it's resonating with people, I'll probably keep doing it. Unless carpal tunnel puts me out of business, of course.

It's a high to find out someone you didn't even know read your blog, reads your blog. Faithfully.

Also, with so many family members and friends out of state, it lets them catch the weekly column and keep up with the tribe.

Happy dog days to you,


Clarissa Draper said...

I'm with you, except for the pinto beans. I find a great support group here and love it. I love the daily writing challenges I face and the post keep me motivated.


Carolyn said...

Agreed...except for the pinto beans...not a favorite here. Yesterday I was ready to quit blogging, quit lots of I realize that was temporary, just a bump in the road. The journey is good - reading other blogs and writing my own gives me courage to do more! Thanks for your blog today.

Linda Glaz said...

I'm full of hot air and it gives me a place to let some of it out.

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

Pinto Beans = Blog post! A totally new use for them!

Love it!

Margo Berendsen said...

What's a One Sheet? See, right there, evidence you CAN learn a lot more from blogging than from books!

You should add one more: forcing yourself to write posts on a regular basis is like a creative writing exercise all in itself.

Sarah Forgrave said...

I love all the new friends I've made who get what I do. Great list!

Kathi Oram Peterson said...

Great reasons to keep blogging!
I like what Margo said too, posting and writing blogs on a regular basis does help hone writing abilities. Another wonderful bonus.

Melissa Marsh said...

I just love connecting with other writers and forging friendships. It's been a true blessing for me.

Claus said...

Oh! that's a great question! I don't want to stop blogging because:
1. I get to practice my English!
2. I've met wonderful friends
3. I get to share my country with the world
4. I have seen photos of corner in the world I could only dream about visiting
5. I get to be creative
and surely there are many more! but I don't want to take on space :-)
great list! and a smart choice to keep on blogging.
have a lovely day!

BECKY said...

Oh my gosh, Terri! You and the fabulous people who left comments just said it all! Ditto!

Warren Baldwin said...

I'll slow down the blogging from time to time but probably not quit, b/c someone with a deep need I didn't know about had been reading the blog. After a while they wrote and said, "Thanks." You never know who you are helping by what you right.

Also, some articles I wrote over a year ago continue to be among my most-read posts. They find the blog through searches for topics of interest, such as on communication, raising kids, marriage, etc. Those topics continue to receive a lot of hits. I don't even know who most of my readers are. Kind of neat.

Good post, Terri

Jan Cline said...

For all the reasons you mentions, plus it's just being connected to the writing world in general. I never knew it would be possible to network with writers of all genres and experience. It's really mind boggling when you think about it.

Lynn said...

One word for me-connection. Blogging creates connections. That was my purpose when I started. And hopefully it has created connections for others. I'll be back at my writing blog very soon. I'm wondering how I'll keep two going though!
(I read your last post just now and I like Elizabeth Berg too--Open House is a favourite of mine. And I like how some of her books include book club questions).

Susan said...

Hi Terri....Great question. I won't stop blogging because:

1) I love to write as much as I love to breathe

2) I meet super people, like yourself

3) It's enjoyable to read all the different styles of writing

4) Love seeing different styles of decorating

5) Seeing how people live in all parts of the world is awesome

6) Having opportunity to smile and laugh on a daily basis through reading all kinds of blogs

7) Reading Comments on my own blog with anticipation and great enthusiasm

8) Because I just LOVE blogging! Susan

Deborah said...

My biggest reason I will keep blogging is the friendships I've made. I also like knowing that I can be an encouragement to others, and that I can post a request for prayer and know that at least a few people I've never even met will respond!
Of course blogging is also a way to get my music and writing out there for people to find!

Kenda said...

I won't say I'll never stop blogging, but I do say I'll keep it up as long as it's fun--and so far it has been :-) Meeting people, being encouraged, learning all kinds of stuff, using it for writing exercise and discipline--it's one of the best things that I've been involved with this past year. Great post, Terri! Thanks...

kathy taylor said...

Interesting! You learned to write one sheets through blogging? Hmmm. So ready to close my writing blog.

Rachna Chhabria said...

I love the encouragement and cheering. Great post Terri.

Tamika: said...

You named some great ones Terri! There are so many wonderful reasons that I blog. It has been more of a blessing than I could have asked for.

Jolene said...

Oh my gosh. I've learned so much and met so many great people. I can't imagine not being part of this community.

ginny said...

I'm glad that you decided not to stop blogging. I feel a true connection to you and your writing. I would miss you terribly and all the emotional and prayer support especially!
Can't wait to hear about yesterday morning!

Katie Ganshert said...

I want to know what it is!!

patti said...

My, my, this is such a popular placE!!!

The main reason I blog is to connect with fellow writers, and it's KEY!!!

Besides, I reward myself with blog hops after pages bleed from me slower blood being drawn from a collapsed vein.

You can only eat so many Dove bites.

Blessings, dear one!!!

Diane said...

I love your reasons and have seen some of those in my own life :O)

Susan J. Reinhardt said...

Hi Terri -

I'll blog as long as I have a computer and can still write.

It's an opportunity to hang out with people of like mind. Let's face it, how many people in our lives understand the intricacies of writing setting and believable characters?

Friendships go deep in the blogging world when given the right conditions. I'm grateful for you and all the great people I've met since I started blogging.

Susan :)

T. Anne said...

Great reasons! Gosh I've learned SO much!!!!!! I can't give it up. I think the Lord wants me to learn all I can. *sorry I'm late*

Sally said...

All the good reasons have been mentioned; so I agree. It is also a wonderful world available at my fingertips to visit whenever I want. It's almost a sci-fi experience.

Tiffany Marcotte said...

Wish I could write the same top ten list. Awesome and Inspiring to see what the blogging community can do for you :)

Nicole said...

I just love to write and it's leading me close to my destiny.

Paul Greci said...

Great post, Terri! I love the people I've met through Blogging, not just critique partners but people who make me think, laugh, smile and sometimes cry.

Jill Kemerer said...

I agree with your list! I get so much out of it. Sure, I have days when I wonder what I can possibly write about, but something always comes into my brain.

Can't wait to hear this development!

Lin Floyd said...

I agree with your reasons, see my blog today about our internet being out for 2 whole days...well, maybe one whole day and half of the following day. Lol!

Kathryn Magendie said...

I know! there are days I worry - am I becoming boring or whatever-but mainly I worry I'm not visiting enough - my life has been so hectic lately.

Then, just as you said, someone will leave a comment that opens up my life and heart and smile or that makes me think or laugh or cry -- or I'll go to a blog that does this - and I'm hooked all over again *smiling*

The thing is, too, since I write and am a editor at home, I don't get out much - this is my lifeline, this and twitter and facebook, to The Outside

And where else can we meet and speak with people from all over the world! Wonderful!

By the way, I always enjoy your posts . . .

Amie B said...

yes terri - it is because of people like you that i won't stop blogging either!

it's good to remember the positive reasons, because there are days when i ask myself the same question: what do i have to say?

i can't wait to hear your story of the blogger who helped you!

pay it forward, girl!

Sharon K. Mayhew said...

I've thought the same thing...After all, grown ups aren't my target audience...I think if I ever do sell a manuscript I'll have a blog geared towards children. :) Right now, I like the interaction and the friends I've made through the blog world. I love that I "know" so many people that I can ask questions to...

K9friend said...

The best thing about blogging is the people I've "met". I find myself rejoicing in their happiness and supporting them when times are tough. And they provide the same support for me.


Hold my hand: a social worker's blog said...

I will always remember when I emailed you for first time and you kindly replied, and asked me if I had a blog. I was like... a blog? hm! That was the beginning of this amazing journey of blogging. I love it. Even though I have a busy life, and I often struggle with keeping up with mine and my friends' posts, I don't think I will ever stop blogging.

((((( hugs ))))))

Nancy said...

I don't know about never, but I'm going to stick with blogging for now because it's one of the places the Lord has placed me, it's fun, I love the people I meet, and there are just so many new things that come along that I want to say.

Deb Shucka said...

I love the friends I've met here, and my commitment to blogging is part of my writing discipline.

I can hardly wait to read about your stepping closer to your dream.

Angie Ledbetter said...

Same as you -- the connections, the sharing, the information, the friends. :)

If you get a sec, drop by and enter my snarky editor contest.

Linda O'Connell said...

Ah, the wonderful people I have met makes the time and effort involved in blogging so worthwhile, plus I write for pleasure, much like diary entries. Sometimes my writing is informative, sometimes humorous, sometimes inspirational.

colbymarshall said...

Because sometimes I just need a place to write about things on my mind that isn't meant to be published or fictional etc. Sometimes I just need to scream about the mailman or write about things I think are stupid. That's why I need my blog- to be silly.

Lydia Kang said...

Awesome post! Wow, you have done so many, so much to be proud of!
I have the same reasons as you. And they are excellent reasons!!!!

Jennifer Shirk said...

I like what I learn from commenters, I like the friendships and would be afraid to lose those if I stopped, too.

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

Number one reason?

Because now more than ever before, I need the body of Christ. I've been stunned by the response of so many true friends over the past couple of weeks. And I am grateful.

Exceedingly so.

Thanks for your prayers. God knew I would need them.