Monday, November 17, 2014

Yes, New Writer, there really is joy in writing

I love to meet other writers. So much that tomorrow I've set up my first writer's group here in the new community where I live. At two o'clock, I'll take a notebook, a book to read and set myself down in a group room and wait.

Five ladies have contacted me. Several told me they would come and see if what I had to tell them interested them.

How does one convince someone to write?

I don't believe you do.

But I do believe you can encourage them by sharing basic beliefs about the writer's life.

Here's what I plan to do:

1. Ask if they read and what reading does for them. Does reading change their thoughts, encourage, give hope, entertain, lift moods?

2. Do they believe they are never too old to learn a new skill?  Laura Ingalls Wilder first published in her sixties.

3. Are they willing to take risks and share what they know so others might enjoy? Everyone has stories from life experiences they like to tell.

4. Is their skin thick enough to take feedback in order to improve their skills? How much of themselves are they willing to put out there? Can they take rejection?

5. Finally, I will ask them to dig deep about why they thought about writing in the first place. What  is it about writing that excites them, motivates them to seek more information, and to publicly say why they want to write. Everyone will have a different reason--but it's that reason that will make the difference if they write or not.

I may sit for a half hour tomorrow without anyone showing up. That's OK.

I know why I write . I also know the joy. Hopefully I can share that with others.

What made you first write?


Retired English Teacher said...

I can't wait it hear how it turns out.

Tammy said...

Oh, how I wish I lived close by, I'd be there for sure! I hope this group will be everything you'd hope for.


Carol Garvin said...

I don't think you can convert non-writers into writers, but you can definitely encourage wannabees to break their hesitancy barriers and put words on a page.

I gave a lecture at our local library at the end of October... an introduction to NaNoWriMo... and discovered a lot of insecurity. The Nike motto of 'Just Do It' became the focus to help overcome it. I hope your group responds and becomes everything you're hoping for.

Kenda Turner said...

I believe you won't be disappointed, Terri--and what a great opportunity you are offering those who will come! I'm in a group of three--all of us in our sixties. What started out as a group of strangers seven years ago has turned into a great friendship with valued input and critiquing. Best of luck. You've got a great start...

Lin Floyd said...

I write to find my voice and teach others for the same reason-to find their voice...good luck with your group.

Anonymous said...

I would love to be joining you! I think focusing on what motivates us to write is a great starting point. I look forward to reading about your first meeting.

I started writing because I love stories...and I have a character in my head that just needs to get out!


I too have stories that have to be told. Stories in my head, characters that talk and won't be silenced. We write for many reasons. I agree. You cannot make a non writer write and if we are going to write we will write. A group is wonderful to bounce ideas off, to share work and to create friendships. Good luck with your group.

Deb Shucka said...

I know the exact right people showed up for this group. Lucky them to have you as a facilitator. I hope you'll tell us how it went.

Saleslady371 said...

I wish I could be in a group like this. Very inspiring!

Jeanette Levellie said...

How was it? Did many come? YOU are so brave and sweet to share your heart. May the Lord honor you for this.

I love it that LIW started in her sixties!