Monday, January 30, 2017

What I'm learning about Self-Publishing

I took on self-publishing with hopes I could birth a book that sat on my computer. I didn't realize that although part of the process would go smoothly, other parts would not. 

I started with Kindle Publishing--an easy process once I uploaded my edited book. The program virtually did everything for me. I then let my followers know my eBook would be available on Kindle. I decided to set a designated pre-order date to allow me to build an audience and create advertising. Part of me wishes I had not done it a month out, but as time passes, I'm glad I've had that time.

Why? Because readers asked me for a paper version and Nook version. 

Uploading the book to Barnes and Nobles was not as simple as Kindle. It took more work but when the final approval came through, I did a fist pump. 

But doing paper? I checked out CreateSpace and Kindle's version and finally, last Monday decided to tackle CreateSpace. Let me say, I learned more about laying out covers and my Word doc than I ever knew before. I am very techie challenged but persevered. I had to resize and design my cover, change the spacing and special effects on the book--I dreaded their emails telling me what my book needed still. On Friday, I ordered a proof. 

After determining from where my book would release, I dove into advertising. I began with Facebook and created a short video on an independent site. Facebook lets you set a price limit so I started with ten dollars and ran the video. Then I did a simple post announcing the Pre-Order status. My thoughts are I must get people to know about me and then my book if I hope for sales. I used to do advertising for my bookstore and do believe in constant marketing with ads within a budget. 

I've got 18 days until release. It's unknown territory and might flop. Or it might not, You don't fail unless you stop trying. I have not stopped yet.

I hope you never give up on your dream and give it all you've got! Life is short. Dreams color our lives. This is my dream--produce and present a book you will remember long after the lights go out.


Karen Lange said...

Congratulations Terri! I didn't realize you'd decided to self publish until I saw your posts on Facebook. So your social media plan is working. :) Appreciate you sharing a little about your journey with us. I'd like to have you visit my blog soon to share as well if you'd like. Wishing you well with this and your other book! :)

Author Savannah Rose said...

Keep moving forward, always. Wishing you much success with your new book. I agree with you, Nook was a little more challenging compared to Kindle. I'll have to check out CreateSpace because I've had some of my readers asking about paper versions. Thanks for that information.

Kenda Turner said...

Interesting to learn of your journey, Terri--I haven't gotten to the self-publishing point yet but have been gathering information just in case. This has helped! Good luck with everything. You're right, we can't give up on our dreams :-)

quietspirit said...

Terri: Thank you for sharing your story with us. I have to decide which route of publishing I want to pursue. The idea of self-publishing has me scared. But, I know it is difficult to get a traditional publisher. Please keep us informed about your journey.

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