Thursday, March 30, 2017

Six weeks post release of THE BEND

It's been a journey--releasing my first book. The additional edits, begging for reviews, worrying about the marketing choices.

Will I do it again?

I'm leaning toward yes but with better preparation. When I used Amazon this time, I did not immediately use all their promotion tools. I should have pre-released at a lower cost and then a month later done the countdown to get my book out there at a better price to boost sales.

I will also not set a release date until the entire book is beyond perfection. At least as good as I can get it with even more eyes on it. A mistake here or there kills me.

I never thought I would self-publish. The stigma is still there but I'm learning that many of my friends buy from BookBub where you can get free or cheap books from new authors. That course of action--setting a lower price on my book initially to garner more readers might be an option to consider. I too use BookBub now that I have a Kindle and have found authors I might never have read before. It is hit and miss.

Life is all about the curves, the mountains and the valleys. If we don't start walking and choose a course, we won't ever see or learn anything.

What's your next goal?


Lynn J Simpson said...

Living forward is always learning! That you took the chance to self publish is awesome and so glad you did as then I got to read The Bend (and fall for Seth and Kate). My next goal is another journal and working with a designer this time with the final product looking much more prettier and professional this time. Learning as I go too.

Shirl said...

I don't see self-publishing as a stigma at all. Of course, big-house publishers would like to have that mindset perpetuated, since self-publishing takes their $$$ from them. I could not tell you whether a book went through a publishing house or was self-published, unless the editing is really bad. The average reader DOES NOT CARE! They just want a good read. And you gave that to us!!!

quietspirit said...

Terri: Thank you for the evaluation of your experience. I will keep this post in mind in case I choose to self-publish the book I am working on. Thank you for sharing your journey with us.