Thursday, March 09, 2017

Why do we writers write?

Here are my facts:

Traditionally published book 2015 with medium-sized publisher--sold almost 500 books made a little over $100 in royalties so far.Took two years to be published and write. Paid editor $$$+

Self-published book two weeks ago--sold over 50 books and have made more in royalties than above. Took over a year to write, a month to publish, paid editor $$$+

Article for magazine this fall--took ten minutes to write--earned $100 for 1,000 words. 

Chicken Soup for the Soul --took ten minutes to write--earned $200.

So why do we write with these kind of facts? In my ten plus years of writing, I know of only a handful of writers who made it with a big publisher and/or got a three book deal. When I owned a bookstore and attended conventions, I dreamed of becoming one of the writers people stood in line to get an autographed copy of their book. In reality, I knew that dream would never materialize.

But is it the dream that keeps us going? Surely not the time or money.

For me it comes down to this: I have stories I want to share. I want to take others on the emotional journey I have gone on. I want one or two people to think about what I wrote and maybe it will make a small difference in their life.

Is it enough and is that dream satisfying enough? 

Go back to the top of this post and spin your own numbers. But maybe you will be one of those who breaks through, makes a ton of $$ and I stand in line for your autograph. I hope that is true because it offers still more hope to many.

I write. I share, It's what I do. 

And it's enough. 


Lillian Robinson said...

Yes, for some strange reason, I have an urge to put it out there. It isn't for fame or $$$--I don't cling to that illusion. It just is.

Lin Floyd said...

I've self published 5 books in 5 years and had some sales, now two of those books are e-books and I sell one or two a month and make about $100 a year. I've turned my focus to writing poetry...faster and funner.

Jorge Acevedo said...

Great reminder, Terri. Thanks!!

sumon tripura said...

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Saleslady371 said...

I am clueless when it comes to publishing. Thank you for your honest information. I love to write and sure hope my words inspire because they come from my heart. You are a hard working writer, eager to learn!