Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The New Number

20,000 words!! I can't believe how fast this book is going. I am a quarter of the way there. I have found I need to shut everyone else off around me to really make headway - no phones - no TV no interruptions and a regular schedule. I am really excited about this book and how it is all coming together. My other book was a real struggle for me - I think my style of writing has changed over the past few years and so I can write this novel more to my liking.
Other news - doing some editing for other authors and wrote a piece called Waiting today that I would like to find a home for. So often we spend our life waiting and not doing while we are. I have plenty of waiting issues in my life right now but I want to be doing while I wait on the Lord in those areas.
Congrats to my friend Kim who had a story published in this month's Hearts at Home magazine! It was terrific!

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