Thursday, June 07, 2007


Still counting the words - I made it over the top of 29,000 but frankly hoped by now I would be much further in my book. Being away on vacation for 11 days didn't help and another getaway in the near future doesn't lend my mind the mood to write much these days. In order to get into the characters' heads - I have to infuse my mind again with all the details of the past so I can 'feel' the mood to write - if any of that makes sense. To me it does - because then I find myself typing without agonizing. It isn't 'forced.'

I sent out a few short stories and I am polishing up the first chapter of this book to present to a writer's group this coming week. It will be the first time I present in public - and get feedback face to face. A whole new experience in itself. I am praying I can gain valuable input and confidence as well in what I am doing.

Or I can toss the whole thing away and start over!:)

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