Monday, January 14, 2008

Query Monday

A month ago I sent a query out to a major Christian magazine. Today is Monday - now I'm not superstitious by any means - but it seems most publishers and editors time their responses to land in a writer's mailbox on a Monday. It could just be me.

Today I reached in my mailbox and saw my familiar handwriting - my SASE. "Another rejection. Oh well, I expected nothing less," I told my husband as I unsealed the flap and folded open the three page bundle. "Thank you for...blah, blah, blah, I knew that part by heart. Please send us..." My jaw dropped open. They wanted a look-see at my story.

Ok - I tried to play it cool. "Well, I'm successful in that my query was a good one," I said to no one in particular. Within minutes, I sat at my computer and pulled up my article. Doubts the size of the Rocky Mountains loomed in front of me. How will I get it good enough? By the time a half hour passed, I was convinced my writing stunk worse than my garbage left outside in the Florida sun.

But this is my chance! I have to get it right!

Finally, I took my husband's advice. "Do your best work and send it in. That's it - that's all." I think he wanted to watch the news in peace.


Lynda Schab said...


That's great news! If you need another pair of eyes, I'd be happy to look at it when you have it ready. Is there a deadline you're shooting for?
Congrats! I'm cheering with you! Lynda

Ann said...

Hurray, Terri! I'm so happy for you!