Thursday, May 08, 2008

An inspiring evening

No blue ribbon this week at Toastmasters but God gave me something better. I discovered a few more Christians in the group. I also found that I need to speak on what God directs me to speak about and toss my fears away.

I wonder if I will ever get the hang of looking into twenty pairs of strangers' eyes as I deliver a speech that I've practiced over and over but still blank out after the first sentence? I studied the painted walls instead of their expressions. My evaluator said to connect more with the audience by looking at them. Hmm, easier said than done when my husband is staring up at me like he wants to cry when I retold the story of our one-dollar miracle. I had to look away.

Most of what I want to talk about with others stirs my heart to tears so I practice until all emotion is erased. Now to bring some of that back.

I don't have a topic for my next one yet. Right now I am busy thinking of a story about my grandmother to enter into a contest--a tough one for sure, since I hardly knew either of them. But I have one tiny memory stays tucked in the back of my head like an old shoe on the closet floor. But how can I convey what that brief moment meant to me?

I usually like to find my opening line and move forward from there. The rest follows like a string of ducklings after a mother duck. Guess I better get back to work! (are they called ducklings??)

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At A Hen's Pace said...

Oh, I used to do Toastmasters in my corporate days before kids! It was really fun. I think I liked getting instant feedback from people's expressions--unlike writing, when you don't know what people think!

Unless they leave a nice comment--as you did for me! Thanks for introducing yourself!