Saturday, June 21, 2008

Contest Results --step one

Today I got word that I made it through the first rounds of a contest I entered at WOW! Women on Writing. A literary agent will now be reviewing the stories and picking the winners.

So start praying! I'd love to be in the top ten.(Don't we always?) Of course, I'm grateful to have made it this far. But hey, we enter contests to win.

I promise to post the results as soon as I hear--even if it doesn't complete my wildest expectations. But it has been fun to dream and hope!


Debby Mayne said...

Hey, Terri! Congrats on making it past the first round. Most contests today are extremely competitive, so your writing has to be exceptional! I wish you the very best!

Ann said...

Congratulations, Terri! That's GREAT!

Leaders in Learning said...

Congratulations, Terri! I'm so happy for you. I'm also glad to browse your website. Doug and the kids are out swimming so I popped online for the first time in three weeks. Wow, it feels like a sin! But so good. I need to finish laundry, dishes, and make supper before youth and all of the gang arriving home. Oh boy- it looks like a storm is brewing-yikes! Gotta love this sunny Florida weather! LOL. Anyway, Your site and credits are impressive. I can't wait to get together and learn from you. I pray I'll be able to make it to the writing group on the 30th but it isn't looking good yet. The kids have medical appointments that day and things get hectic afterwards. If I am unable to attend the first meeting, would you please keep me informed of any upcoming meetings? I would so like to attend. I'm working on getting respite care for the kids so I can come to things like this once in a while. After I've had them in my care a while, they will settle down a bit as well and I will be able to leave them more. Right now, they are just not all that stable yet and need me more. We'll see how things go on the 30th. Perhaps I will make it after all. Anyway, best wishes for it all and congrats on your contest. I'll keep you in prayer.
BeckyJoie (from SouthPointe Sunday School)