Saturday, June 14, 2008


I've been given a new opportunity--to ghostwrite a story for a missions book. I'm absolutely thrilled but of course challenged by the sheer thought of doing it. But what is more exciting is I also get the opportunity to share and talk with a missionary on the field and learn more about their life and how God has blessed them in their work.

A year ago, if someone had asked me to do this--I would have turned down the request in a a heartbeat. As a writer, I struggle to write my own thoughts--even though I know the story inside and out. Ghostwriting for someone else opens up new fears. Will I create their voice accurately? Will I portray what they want to get across? Will the finished story be everything they hoped it would be?

I'm praying that the missionary I have will already be an exceptional writer and all I have to do is a few edits! Now wouldn't that be awesome?

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Jan Ross said...

Ahhhh, Terri ... you're going to do great! I have confidence in God in you. Growth always comes through challenges. God has called you to a new level in your writing and He desires to use you in ways you likely never imagined. I'm excited for you!