Tuesday, July 15, 2008

International Christian Retail Show - update

I'm headed to bed to nurse the blisters on my feet. Whew-- two days of interviewing done! Tomorrow I go back to the show and walk the floors and get some signed books.

I have so much to write about the awesome writers I met and how much I have learned from them. Gina from Writer Interrupted will be posting the interviews each week for weeks to come.

My biggest blunder???? I called Karen Kingsbury ---Kinglsey--- Ugh--- right after telling her she is my favorite author. But in my defense, I had just finished interviewing Jeremey Kinglsey!! But . . . she was so gracious and was wonderful to talk with. She offers sample proposals on her website-- something I hope to look up.

Won't be updating for a few mores days. My friend flies out on Thursday and then Friday I pack for a trip to the writers conference. I feel armed with optimism!

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